#InsideZimbabwe Suspected witches die after drinking Pastor’s holy water In Zimbabwe

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Two women accused of witchcraft and forcefully dragged to a man of God died after drinking holy water during church service.

Two elderly women suspected to be witches have died after they were forced to drink holy water.

The two elderly Zimbabwean women died after  Joshua Bhebhe and his cousin Edica Mutero from Gokwe forced their mothers Erita Bhebhe, 76, and Jessy Mutero, age unknown, to attend a church service. There they were made to drink the water which reportedly caused the death.

According to Zimbabwean media house, B-Metro, soon after drinking the water and holding the prophet’s “holy” stick, they collapsed and died at Baba Wechishanu Wenguwo Tsvuku Church.

Prophet Pira, the church leader and custodian had initially said if the women drank the water they would die if they were witches but live if they were not.

The two boys who forced the women to the church were caught after they both gave similar stories of their mothers’ deaths, raising the suspicion of family members.

“Joshua and Edica tried to cover up the issue after realising that their mothers died at church. They took them home leaving each one of them in her kitchen hut,” said a family source.

“The grandchildren, realising that there was something wrong, told neighbours who then confirmed them dead and alerted other family members.

“The other children, hearing what had transpired prior to their mothers’ deaths reported the matter to the police and their corpses were taken for post-mortem in Bulawayo.

The results revealed that the two women died of poisoning,” added the family source.

The two boys confessed the crime to the police after they were arrested.

“Joshua and Edica were picked up by police for questioning and they revealed that their mothers died after drinking water which was given to them by Prophet Pira,” the source added.

It is reported that Prophet Pira fled to an unknown place when he heard of the police arrest.

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