Forget your type” – OAP dishes words of wisdom – Toke Makinwa

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Toke Makinwa who has been made
known for her relationship tips
and advice, has deep words of
wisdom to share once again.

The OAP took to her Instagram page to share a
before and after photo of Ciara’s fiance,
Russell Wilson, asking ladies to be careful
with their choice in men.
Case in Point, Makinwa emphasised that ladies
should forget their stereotyped standards
which they had set as a yardstick for choosing
partners and spouses.
The before and after photo she shared showed
on one side, Ciara and Wilson in a recent
photo, and another of Wilson from way back
before the money and the fame.
Makinwa wrote:
“I saw this pic and laughed and then I looked at
it again and it hit me. Same man. I have learnt
that when God answers, most times and in
most cases it’s not how you think it’ll happen.
You gotta pray for a discerning spirit to spot
the diamond in the rough. Forget your type, it
hasn’t worked so far or has it? Keep your heart
open and mind on God. You might have that
annoying toaster you think is not your type,
look closely. Look at his God given qualities.
He may not be what you think is cool at first

Watch video clip below:

glance but look closely and pray. I’m not
saying you should not have standards o, but
even in keeping your standards don’t play
yourself.#Funnypic #Truth.”
Many have applauded her for her insight on
this issue, and we have to agree that she does
have a solid point, as ladies of these days are
usually carried away by physical and financial
attributes, and forgetting the more important

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