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Governor Ayo Fayose has called on
striking workers in Ekiti state to
call off their strike.
He said the salaries of some category of
workers are ready, but they payments cannot
be processed because of the strike.
The workers are protesting the non-payment
of their salaries for 10 months.
Fayose said “I have not hidden anything from
the labour leaders and what our dear state is
experiencing now has been aggravated by the
mindless borrowings of the immediate past
administration in the state.
“The state is paying about N1bn monthly to
service the bond and the commercial loans
they took. If that did not happen, we would
have had such money to add to our monthly
“During my first term in office, I was paying
salaries regularly and on the 22nd of every
month and workers never went on strike. I
sympathise with the workers and regret the
inconveniences the current financial situation
in the country is causing them.”
The Governor also invited the striking workers
to a dialogue.
He also added that “The situation is not limited
to Ekiti State, as the country is on a recession.
All these I have foreseen that made me open
the finances of the state to all and run an all
inclusive financial management.
“Regrettably, it is difficult to give what you
don’t have. It is in the interest of the state that
the workers need to come to terms with the
reality on the dwindling allocations coming to
the state because even two months allocations
can no longer pay one month salary.
“I implore workers and their leaders to note
that even the recent nationwide strike called
over fuel price increase was called off for the
two sides to go into negotiation and dialogue.”
Fayose sympathised with the workers, saying
he knows they are going through hard times.

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