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The Federal Government has
commenced consultations with
Governors and community leaders
in the oil rich Niger Delta region.
According to the President’s Senior Special
Assistant on National Assembly Matters,
Senator Ita Enang, the move by the
government is aimed at restoring peace in the
troubled region.
Enang in a statement made available to
newsmen, said:
The federal government officials, at the
moment, are in their various states talking not
only to their state governors but aggrieved
persons on the way of resolving the problems
arising from bombing of oil installations in the
Niger Delta region.
The Minister of Niger Delta, the Minister of
Interior, the Coordinator of the Amnesty
Office have been taking actions consistent with
their powers and what I know, is that almost
all the ministers and officers from the Niger
Delta region have returned to their respective
They are in their respective zones and their
respective blocs to talk to their leaders and
their aggrieved persons on the need for us to
maintain peace.
That is going on and they are the
representatives of Mr. President. So, I will not
tell you what Mr. President wants to do in
person but these are officers and offices which
are dealing with this matter.
What I know they have done, which some of
us are involved in doing by virtue of coming
from that zone and by virtue of working with
them, is been telling our people that the
economy of the people is bleeding and the
nation is hemorrhaging and that we cannot,
given the low price of oil, go on certain actions
that will further reduce the earnings of
We have lost the earnings in terms of price, so
we shouldn’t lose earnings in terms of
production. I am sure that you are aware that
we budgeted 2.2 million barrel per day and
production few weeks ago, lowered to 1.4
million per day and it is climbing to 1.6 and
1.7 per day million per day and that is capable
of affecting the money expected from oil.
These are the things we are preaching to our
people and preaching to the governors of our
respective states.
Meanwhile, the Niger Delta Avengers have
promised to unleash mayhem in the region till
the government meets their demands.

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