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African China has not been so active in music for
the last few years, but claims to be doing far
better than his colleagues because of his wise
and timely investments.

Speaking during a recent interview with The
, the veteran raga/dancehall singer
disclosed that although his music may not
be trending at the moment, he did save for
rainy days which has kept him afloat.
African China said:

“By opening a hairdressing salon, what I have done
is invest for a rainy day. If you check properly, you
would realise that some of those who began their
careers about the same time I started mine are
now broke. Today, a lot of them cannot feed
themselves and their dependants.
“Before fame beckoned, I used to work as a barber
at a salon and I am not ashamed to say that. Now
that I am African China, I know this business idea
would generate income on a daily basis because
people always want to look good.
The salon business is not the only business I have. I
also have a boutique in Surulere, Lagos. I have a
sound equipment rental business and I have a
record label that is as old as Kennis Music.”
When asked about collaborations with new
artistes, He said:

“I don’t have anything against them. I am friends
with them and I am also an elder brother to them.
Recently, I contacted Tekno for a collaboration but
he has been busy.
There was a time I needed to do a song with Ice
and I tried to reach him. His manager kept
playing hide and seek with me. As a result, I lost
interest. When Burna Boy was the rave, I
telephoned his mum who was his manager at that
time. They didn’t revert in spite of the fact that I
telephoned them several times.”

Contrary to popular belief, African China
looks to be doing pretty well as hinted in
the interview.

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