Live Stream : U.S Election 2016 Live Updates

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Live Stream : U.S Election 2016 Live Updates

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It’s been the most engrossing, weirdest and grubbiest election campaign in living memory – and it’s almost over.

Voters go to the polls today to elect Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump to replace Barack Obama as President of the United States.

Will Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump be America’s next Commander in Chief? That’s the Big Question!

Funny to hear that, in the final days there was bitter drama as Donald Trump was bundled off stage by Secret Service agents And the FBI ended its probe into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails in a dramatic last-minute announcement.

We’ll have all the latest news, video, state-by-state breakdowns and updates from the final stages of the campaign, right the way through until the results are called. Stay with us and keep refreshing.

In total, polls are open between 10am GMT Tuesday and 6am GMT Wednesday.

In most states the polls open at 6am/7pm local time and close at 7pm/8pm local time

But early-rising, Democrat-safe Vermont is a lot more energetic – opening polling booths in some areas at 5am (10am GMT).

Voters are red-eyed in New York too, where the polls will close at 9pm local time (2am GMT).

The latest close generally will be on the west coast, where most states vote until 8pm local time (4am GMT).

But because Alaska is so much further to the west it’ll have the final poll closing time at 8pm local time (6am GMT).

We should have a result at about 4am.

Despite it being the early hours of the morning in the US, with a full day of voting yet to come, results are already in one from tiny community.

Just eight people took to the ballot box in the early hours in the town of Dixville Notch in New Hampshire.
And they gave Hillary Clinton a resounding win.

Of the eight votes cast, the Democratic candidate took four, Trump had two votes with Gary Johnson one. Mitt Romney also took one vote, CNN reported.

This video footage shows voters in the small town casting their votes.

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