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Generally, i ought to fold my knuckles and doff my hat for the entities who facilitate and made viewing pictures possible,Great things they did was awesome without them consecrated picture view of remembering of event wouldn’t be possible.

Different etymology have been demonstrated on pictures, but from my own ideological form, pictures simply means an image which gave privilege for remembrance of pass by event.

Obviously,we are into a world whereby picture are ubiquitous and its style is enormous with impolite areas,Pictures used to be taken during events at August ceremonies but now the effectiveness of mobile phone has created on avenue for humans to go in excess in taking pictures, Either on the road, toilet and other impolite region.


Personally, taking snapshots is one of my daily activities but i always give out deserve respect in snapping pictures. Have you ever imagine what makes up a good picture? There are some certain principles which aid the guidelines for taking pictures, without apestatizing, i will like to state out some principles and spreading pictures here for better understanding. There are diverse principle for taken pictures which are to avoid shadow,avoid blur occurrence, make the white level balance and the effect, make better style and posture, utilizating a good background, zooming in and out should be perfectly timed to fit frame, quality should be minimal, your outfit should determine the pictures colour and always take picture in obligatory necessities.

Therefore, starting from the make up region, i do less make up due to my mode of dressing which makes the simplicity of my pictures meaningful. The body posture correspond with my corporate outfit which makes it look more enticing, the weather that moment makes my skin more smooth like a pearl of nature which gives its uniqueness.

In sum ,sometimes we have to appreciate the aesthetics elements to give meaning to life, lets put the pictures about to test, starting from the diverse principle barriers you will surely concord with me that snapping a picture of epitome is a good pictures.

Every photo journalist or a picture specialist who examine my pictures wil testify that it was perfectly mustered, my pictures suit in perfectly to any magazine and photo journal papers,blog, newspaper without self appraisal.


To those who knows and to the entity who ain’t aware of what makes a perfect picture, i have invoked the habit of pictures in some people who are inspiring to become a photo freak. A good picture is a picture which possess all the attribute in you…



Our Music Promotion is Express » Clean » Classic » Dope » Well Packaged » And Very Cheap Call >>> 08069041389


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    Well omolola you did a very great and nice job I merely wanted to check on the link before but I could not believe what I later discover and seen it perhaps immensely me. I go through all the words of enthusiasm on the wall it was a very loveable and interesting one, you make people to knw and discover some lyrically and percentage of the art work been done. You deserve more ENIOLA kudos to you!

  2. Gozzy_Official on

    Nice write up Lola,U just thought me a lot of things I’ve never putting into consideration while taking a picture. Is so wonderful, keep up the good work.

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