Dangers And Harmful Effects Of Mastu.rbation (A Must Read For All)

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Checkout some of the harmful effects of mast.urb.ation below;

1. Mastu.rbation makes you weak, it drains protein and calcium content in the body

2. Mastu.rbation creates nervousness and neurological problems

3. Mastu.rbation is a main cause for erectile dysfunction.

4. Mastu.rbation addicts you even if you taste it for one time. Controlling it is a very big menace.

5. Mastu.rbation creates drowsiness; you will be sleeping most of the time after expulsion of your spe.rm. You will experience a damn tired.

6. Mastur.bation causes stress and strain in your mind and soul.

7. Mastu.rbation also affects us psychologically; it creates depression after expulsion and makes one to feel bad on his own.

8. Getting red hot while mast.urb.ating will give a bad name in your surroundings and it is indecent too.

9. Mastu.rbation cannot be done simply, it needs to see, touch, indulge or at least think of a se.x.ual practice/ s.ex organs of the opposite s.ex. This is more harmful that the image in your memory that you see could not be erased easily. This will lead you to a noxious problem that you cannot see any girl/ lady/ women without a single thought i.e., s.ex.

10. Mastu.rbation creates an urge to do indefinitely; it doesn’t see the place, people and culture. It makes you to fell in a worse se.x.ual problem if chance knocks the door.

11. Mastu.rbation leads you to illegal contacts because the urge increases day by day and finally will lead to the search of a source for se.x.ual pleasure.

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