Four Corner Magazine Takes A Peek Into The World of Chika Steve, An unusual Uprising Nollywood Actress.



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Tell us about yourself?
I’m Chika Steve Okezie, from Imo State. I’m from a family of five- three males and two females. My growing up wasn’t easy at all because I lost my father when I was 13. I thank God for my sweet mum who was there for me and my siblings. And I thank God for his mercies too.

Tell us about your evolution into Nollywood?
It all started with a stage drama in the church during a youth program. I did very well and the directors picked me up from there. That was it.

How many movies have you featured since you started?
I have featured in well over 25 movies and still counting.

Which among of them is most challenging?
I think the most challenging ones are ‘Lies and Secret’, ‘Witches At Okoko Busstop’ and ‘89 Years in Bondage’.


Who are the actresses you look up to?
Joke Silver and Patience Ozokwo (Mama G).

There is lot of competition in the industry?
Yes. And one has to do ones best to keep going forward. Such competitions are meant to bring out the best in one and not to cripple what one already has.


Are you married?
Yes. I have a son.

What part of your body do you think is your selling point?
My eyes.

Have you ever been sexually harassed in the industry?
Yes, several times, but I never gave in to such stupid and insane horrible demands.

What do you have to say to you fans?
My fans could be divided into 3 groups: 1) The Youth- the upcoming generation. 2) The Mature Minds. 3) The Aged.
1. To the Youth: Be positive, focused and hard working. Eschew behaviours that can ruin you in life. Keep up the good faith in God.
2. To the Mature-Minds: Life is all about getting to your goals and it shouldn’t be aimed on drastic motive.
3. To the Aged: Do not worry yourselves about what modernization has brought to this age. In the midst of this advancement, we have not and will not lose sense and sight of our moral standard and cultural values. We will continue to pass it on.


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