How 42-year-old teacher groomed a schoolgirl and had s*x with her on his wife’s wedding dress

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 man will never be able to work as a teacher anywhereSimon Ball, aged 42, was working as a former boarding school teacher until his dark secrets came to light.Fantasies and sexAn Oxford-educated and married man sexuallyabused four students aged between 13 and 16 and had sex with one girl on his wife’s weddingdress.Ball covered his face when he arrived at court for his sentencingIn another school he asked the girl to dress up in her “schoolgirl outfit and fishnets”, so he could indecent photos of her, later police seized 678 images. While grooming his victim he reportedly proposed to her and bought her aring.

After having sex in a cupboard in the school’s music department and in the headmaster’s guest lavatory, he asked her to take a pill scared of her getting pregnant.In another development he had sex with his young student at her house.The prosecutor to one of the victims said:“He would come to her house and have sex with her in her bedroom, sometimes the parents were out, but sometimes the parents would be at home asleep.On occasions he would sneak into the house and they would have sex in her bedroom.”Victims demand justiceThe statement of the victim fron Kimbolton school reads in part:“It’s not like he’s moved schools and tried a different method. It’s almost the same and it bothers me.I want to find out why he was allowed to commit such a similar crime again. He was my teacher. He was meant to protect me.

On of the girls fron the Giggleswick said the ‘she feels guilt and sadness that it took her 12 years to tell the truth and in those 12 years someone else got hurt’.A second Giggleswick pupil felt ‘robbed of her childhood’ and ‘angry’ at the school.PunishmentJudge Sean Enright, sentencing Ball 12 years, said:“These offences were all about satisfyingyour fantasies. There was never anything in it for the girls.”He was found guilty of sexually abusing three girls at his former school, Giggleswick School in Settle, North Yorkshire, and one more girl while he was director of music at Kimbolton School near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.Ball will never work in a school again.

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