I’m wiser than them all: Obasanjo shocks Nigerians, says ‘I did not tear my PDP membership card’

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PARIS, NOVEMBER 12, 2016: (DGW) FRESH  facts have , indeed , emerged  on the alleged tearing of the Peoples’ Democratic Party membership card by  former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

Our source who spoke recently to the aide of the former President of Nigeria in Abuja, Nigeria said  Chief Olusegun Obasanjo did not openly tear his PDP membership card as widely reported by the Nigerian press.

Recall sometime in 2015, the ex-president while speaking at the Global Education and Skills Forum, (GESF) in Dubai, the United Arab Emirate, said he did not tear his PDP membership card adding that he is not aware, maybe somebody else did it if the story that made the rounds then was anything to go by.

According to the former President, ” “I didn’t openly tear my PDP membership card; somebody else may have torn it because I said to him, ‘Here is the card, do whatever you like with it.

“If you like keep it; if you like tear it, if you like burn it. Here it is because they say it is giving them concern and they don’t know what is happening.

”I did that to prove to them what is happening; I could not have torn the party’s membership card.”

This is in wake of the alleged threats made by Nigeria’s literary giant , Prof Wole’s Soyinka to tear his American Green Card if Donald Trump wins the US presidential election.

Obasanjo’s aide faulted the threat adding that it amounts to a criminal offence which is not only actionable but also punishable that is capable of earning Soyinka a custodial sentence if the threat is by any act of omission or commission carried out.

Speaking further, our source produced a photograph of the former president where he publicly displayed his PDP membership card saying that Obasanjo though no longer an active member of the former ruling party did not tear the party’s property knowing full well what it would amount to.

Criticizing Wole Soyinka he said , ”my Oga (Obasanjo) was not expelled at any time from the party, he chose to ‘step aside’ for the wrongs that were done to him, he is, in fact, not like Wole Soyinka who threatened to tear his American Green Card as if he has any political axe to grind with Trump. My Oga did not at any time threaten to tear his PDP card or did it himself for all I know.”

On the contrary, pictorial evidence in the photograph below shows where what looks like the card under contention was actually torn. What is being called in question here, however,  is if the damaged property belongs to the former President since he has repeatedly and consistently denied

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