LOLz… Top Nigerian Beauty Queens Fight Dirty Over Man [Photos]

Dabota Lawson with ex-husband , Sunny Aku and accused MBGN 2011, Sylvia Nduka.

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Ex-Nigerian beauty queen Dabota Lawson, who recently welcomed her baby in October, has taken to the social media to indirectly publicly reveal the reason why the quit her marriage with billionaire husband, Sunny Aku.

A lot has been going on ever since Dabota Lawson relocated abroad, as divorced rumors hit the air about the beauty queen and her husband but she refused to talk about it until now, as she accused one of her friends and beauty queen of snatching her husband. Dabota Lawson took to her snapchat on Thursday, December 1, to call out former beauty queen for allegedly sleeping with her ex-billionaire husband, Sunny Aku. According to her snapchat posts, she said:

“Good morning, please please please, lovely people TRUST NO BITCH!! This ex beauty Queen came between me and my best friend was/is still Sleeping with my ex hubs and now asking my homie if he’s my baby’s father. But the other day this Heffer was blowing kisses on my Instagram page. I left her for LAWMA about a year ago now I guess she thinks my silence means I’m stupid oh boy!!! One of the many reasons why since September 2015, I cut off from a lot of so called ‘friends’ and keep my business to myself.”



In a twist, when going through Dabota Lawson’s post on Instagram it was discovered that the only beauty queen who ‘blew her a kiss’ was no other than Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2011, Sylvia Nduka. See post below:


Following the trend of this shocking revelation, Dabota Lawson as part of wishing her followers happy new month, posted a picture of her with the caption: “No no no sweetheart you don’t wanna test me. Verily Verily I say unto you ‘THOU SHALL NOT SURVIVE MY WRATH’…. HNM”


This post has become controversial as many are of the opinion that she is referring to her ex-husband’s alleged mistress. However, this is not confirmed that the accused is the culprit because Dabota Lawson, has not come out to officially mention who the real person is but Sylvia Nduka is a likely suspect due to the evidence of ‘kisses’ she posted on Dabota’s wall.


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