Reviealed!!! This is the Day of the Year When Your Partner is Most Likely to Cheat on You

A new research has revealed the day most people are most likely to cheat on their partners.

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According to the experts on cheating, Friday was the day of the year when your partner was most likely to play away.

Affairs dating website Illicit Encounters revealed that “unfaithful Friday” was the best day of the year to be a cheat, after conducting a survey of 300 unfaithful users.

The site said that 18 November is the day of the year when most people cheat – so paranoid partners will want to ask their other half what they got up to on their last night out.

Apparently, it’s such a popular day for infidelity because it comes before all of the chaos and commitments of the Christmas season, so it’s the last chance for cheats to slot in an encounter.

And the figures are shocking, with indy100 reporting that 72% of the site’s male users admitting to playing away last night.

Christian Grant, a spokesperson for the site, which has over one million members, explained why cheating users were so busy on Friday.

He said: “In the weeks to come, they’ll simply be overwhelmed with nativity plays, Christmas shopping, decorating and of course Christmas and New Year’s.

“Their kids will have time off from school, and their familial responsibilities will take priority.”

The same survey found that 20% of those cheating partners will dedicate this entire weekend to spending time with their lover.

Another recent survey, this time by Durex, also revealed some interesting info about infidelity.

The condom manufacturer revealed the world’s most unfaithful nationalities, along with a percentage of how many married adults have admitted to having an affair.

Whilst Thailand tops the list with a whopping 51%, we Brits finish in ninth place, with 36% of married adults confessing to being cheats.

-The Sun UK

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