SHOCKING ! Manchester United Star, De Gea In MASSIVE S*x Scandal



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Manchester United goalkeeper, David De Gea has been fingered in a s*x scandal case that could end his campaign at the Euro 2016.

According to reports in The Sun UK on Friday afternoon, “De Gea has been named by a protected witness in court documents which claim he contracted a prostitute against her will.”

The tabloid say that the allegation against the United number one is that he arranged for his former Spanish under-21 teammate Iker Muniain and an unnamed player to meet the prostitute for sexual relations against her will.

It quotes Spanish website, El Diario as reporting that the stunning allegations were part of evidence given to prosecutors in a high profile case involving p**n baron Torbe, real name Ignacio Allende Fernandez.

“The witness, identified as TP3, alleges De Gea arranged the meeting with Torbe on behalf of Muniain and the other player at a five start hotel in Madrid in 2012.

“The Spanish investigator are reported to believe the evidence of TP3 and two other women interviewed has a “high degree of credibility.”

According to the tabloid, the police report, dated June 3, 2015, is alleged to say: “After leaving the woman in the room with the other girl, Torbe told her they had to be with the footballers and would have to agree to everything they wanted and that they would earn more money.

“When she refused, Torbe took her firmly by the arm, without waiting for her reply, and she had to do everything they wanted, which involved them having s*x with the new girl and her.

“The new girl and her were both sexually abused by the boys, because if they refused they were physically attacked by both.

“Once the footballers had satiated their sexual desires, they threatened them so that everything that happened in that room never saw the light of day.


“It is worth nothing that neither the witness or the other girl who were in their room earned anything for all the physical and sexual attacks they received with Torbe keeping all the money.”

At another interview, with the force to combat human trafficking in Madrid, the protected witness gave names to the players who participated in the episode of the hotel.

She said that those involved in the act were Iker Muniain and a second player, and that the meeting was arranged by De Gea and Torbe.

There is also a claim Torbe filmed the rape of a minor and sent the video of the film to De Gea and other Athletic players.

The Sun UK reports that De Gea has not been accused of any criminal offence, or been arrested and his official spokesman declined to make a comment.

But El Diario quoted Iker Muniain’s agent as saying: “We have no knowledge of this. No-one from the police or the court have been in touch with us.”

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