This Plant Used By Ancient Civilizations Puts Chemotherapy To Shame For Lung Cancer

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Natural remedies are helpful for many diseases. Ancient civilizations didn’t have antibiotics and they found nature to cure themselves. Many foods, herbs, and other plants have proven remarkably effective at killing cancer cells in the lab. Perhaps the best known example is cannabis, whose active constituents, cannabinoids, have been shown to annihilate cancers of all different kinds. The trouble has been understanding the various strains and quality of cannabis and how it interacts with each person differently.

The Chinese herb artemesinin is another example. According to studies published in Life Sciences, Cancer Letters, and Anticancer Drugs, this derivative of the wormwood plant, can kill off cancer cells, and do it at a rate of 12,000 cancer cells for every healthy cell.  Noni Leaf, also has been studied for its numerous health benefits, and a fairly recent study published in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry is showing that this food, consumed as a vegetable (Noni Leaves), could be ideal for the treatment, prevention, and lung cancer.

Scientists compared Noni leaves on metastasized lung cancer development, both in vitro and in vivo, with the FDA-approved anti-cancer drug Erlotinib. The study found that Noni leaf extract “inhibited the proliferation and induced apoptosis in A549 cells and mouse Lewis lung carcinoma cells in vitro [and] arrested cancer cell cycle at G0/G1 phases.”

The changes produced by Noni leaf are consistent with what researchers would expect from a good chemotherapy drug. In fact, 25 percent of the active ingredients in cancer drugs are found only in the Amazon, yet only 10 percent of the plants in the Amazon have been studied for their medicinal properties.

  • Cancer Is Big Business
  • Unfortunately, cancer is a big business, promising huge and endless profits for pharmaceutical companies. The list of statements from industry insiders is extensive, and the number of substances out there showing extreme potential for cancer treatment is similarly large. Pharmaceutical companies don’t seem to be interested in many of them, since most can’t be patented or profited from.

    When you compare the price of Noni leaf extract, which can cost as low as 12 cents per 250 mg extract, you begin to see just how skewed our concept of value is. How could a chemotherapy agent, with deadly side effects, that can easily bankrupt a family if they are forced to pay out of pocket, be offered as the only choice to those with cancer when something that is practically free, safe, and has been proven effective in this way?

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